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Hello! Welcome ones to Fill My Passport!

Welcome to a forum that brings fusions of taste, travel, tips, tricks, and temptation to your screen.

So many of us dream to have a lifestyle balance of work, travel, tranquility, adventure, and of course, individual aspirations beyond the aforementioned. But, why does it have to be a dream? Why must we torture ourselves, our minds, and our psyche each day with regret, wishes, and envy of those who could, who didn’t leave their dreams as dreams, without seeking what we truly want?

Perhaps it’s the recurring taxman knocking on our door each month, the credit statement, the mortgage – in other words, LIFE. But LIFE does not need to be mundane, a funk, a constant routine of working 9-5, dinner at 6, television/hobby til 12, then waking up, and pushing repeat. LIFE can be joyous, spontaneous, and take you on adventures beyond your wildest expectations. It is possible to open the floodgates of opportunity.


I know how you feel. I have done the office job, the computer analyst role, the retail manager position working 40 hours a week, then going home with work I couldn’t finish, eye strain, unnecessary shopping bags, and unbearable blisters from being on my feet for eight+ hours straight. I too avoided searching for that most important epiphany; that catalyst to change ME.

Until finally one day, in my thirties, I decided to see what all this travelling-the-world fuss was about. Seeing new things, meeting new people, working as I go, and budgeting my days, my meals, my lodging, and living out of a teeny backpack… then I slammed the brakes. Yep. I kept thinking, everyone I know doing this is young. Everyone doing this is a free spirit; that’s not me I said to myself; this lifestyle was designed for the twenty-somethings wasn’t it? Wasn’t it? The thirty-somethings, forty-somethings, etc. couldn’t live this way… so I thought.


We seem to think this life of adventure is strictly for the young and unattached. Not necessarily unattached to someONE, but also to a city, a job, a routine, an already- established existence. We feel we cannot compete with them due to a so-called age barrier placed by “them.”

When you ask or read about travelling nomads/backpackers who have been on the road for months, usually they admit their success, their income source, their way of surviving is through working as they go;  often, this is done through a working holiday visa. Simple? Not for anyone over thirty. 30 is the age cut-off for this one-way ticket to adventure; to six-week employment stints here and there; to traveller’s security of some hard-earned cash. With this age stigma staring us in the face, how would aspiring thirty-somethings like me, forty-something single dads, fifty-something adventurers do what these youngsters do?

Exactly the same thing, differently.

Here at Fill My Passport, we will show YOU ways to travel, eat like the locals, enjoy exclusive fusions of taste and culture, and how you can live your recurring dream beyond the working holiday visa- with stress-free legal ways.

We will show you the food and travel experiences of all budgets, and how you, regardless of age, physique, or financial stability can enjoy adventures taking everyday moments from the ordinary to the sublime.

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We hope our forum will inspire, appeal and encourage you to stretch your pallet, book a ticket, and Fill YOUR Passport with as many stamps as possible.

Our blogging platform will provide you our readers (our friends), with written testimony of extraordinary culinary experiences abroad, inspiration for those older travellers (a.k.a timid wannabe nomads), and exclusive informative travel content.


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Our focus is on experiences that infuse culture, flavour, character, confidence, and joy.  We will showcase on the foodie side, eateries, gastronomic excellence, cuisines, flavours, recommendations, cooking adventures, fun finds, lists, reviews, and more. On the travel and inspirational side, we will show you ways that even the older traveller can make this a lifestyle and not just a 2-week psyche-appeasing excursion.
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We hope you will join us on this nomadic travel and foodie journey.