Monday Musing: July 4th Food, Fireworks, Fun!

It is the 4th of July. The day Americans celebrate their independence. A celebration never taken lightly. They have a fun-filled, jam-packed extravaganza of fireworks, special events and blockbuster feasts showcasing the BBQ and baking skills of their many professional and home chefs alike.

With the celebration dating back to 1776, Americans have honoured the breakaway from the British empire for 240 years. And in this time, they have shaped this special day with traditional festivities, spectacular events, and culinary creativity.

When I think of the USA, I think of my joyous times spent there of unforgettable experiences, decadent gastronomy, and beautiful scenery. However, one place that resonates with me often, where many a memory was made (my engagement being #1!) is New York City. The most populated city in the country, it should be no surprise that this buzzing city has scheduled signature events, combined with delicious patriotic fares for this momentous day.

In Manhattan, you cannot escape excitement. Quintessential selfies being snapped at Times Square, The Statue of Liberty standing proudly on its island attracting thousands of visitors daily, Macy’s offering summer sales, and yellow cabs passing by escorting patrons everywhere. You cannot help but begin spinning excitedly on the street corner keeping up with the sensation.

american independence day, celebration, patriotism and holidays

To commemorate this special day, red, white and blue libations and menus highlighting iconic favourites of ribs, hot dogs and burgers are featured in numerous eateries to whet your appetite. There is something for everyone. Here are some of our favourites:

 Dream Baby Bar & Cocktail Parlour:
A swanky bar on Avenue B, bartenders have put together a classy and stylish Red, white and blue cocktail specially for today. A refreshing sip of curaçao and ginger liquor mixed with a hint of mint to name a few flavours, this drink will enhance your celebration with sprinkles and patriotism.

Fornino – Brooklyn

A beautiful restaurant featuring Italian cuisine, offers a rooftop terrace for beautiful views of the traditional fireworks. Book early to avoid disappointment, ensuring you have secured a table.

The Dutch – Restaurant & Oyster Bar
This quaint eatery is offering a special Luau menu for today adding flair and flavour to your day! Visit from 11-9 to feast on a tantalizing menu of celebratory grub including oysters, waffles, lobster, and chicken, while washing it down with a selection of tempting specialty cocktails.

Hot Dog Eating Contest – Coney Island
Held yearly on July 4th, Coney island celebrates with a hot dog eating contest. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the event broadcast on ESPN, attracting thousands to witness one of the 20 qualifying contestants for both male and female events, take home the jeweled champion belt. Competitors have 10 minutes to eat as many hot dogs as possible, and must keep them down to win. An event not to be missed!

From all of us at Fill My Passport, we wish all our American friends and readers a fun and flavourful day!

hot dogs 

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